Aroma Diffuser and Essential Oils Blends Kit

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Aroma Diffuser and Essential oil blends Kit

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This Aroma Diffuser and Essential Oils Blends kit is the complete package.

Embark on a wonderful journey into the world of Aromatherapy with this Aroma Diffuser and Essential Oils Blends kit.

Precisely selected for a stress-free ambience, this combination is the complete package of calmness and serenity.

Each with its own unique properties, these 3 Essential Oils have been specifically chosen to add calm and serenity to an environment.

to a hume  aromatherapy set is the perfect starter kit to get introduce to the wonderful world of aromatherapy. An aroma diffuser is a must have in every household. They are easy to use and will add calm and cosiness to your home. We carefully selected 3 essential oils blends that each have different properties. Get ready to unwind and de-stress with this aromatherapy kit.

The Aroma Diffuser Blends kit includes:

Up-Funnel Pot Aroma Diffuser 

Smoke-free and Flameless, this delightful looking diffuser comes complete with a USB plug, Led Colours, and a timer option that allows the user to provide an ambient aroma to any room at the precise moment.  

Simply fill the tank with water and around 10-15 drops of essential oils, turn it on and enjoy the aroma!

Breath Easy Essential Oil Blend 10ml 

The Breath Easy Oslo Aroma Diffuser is a blend of Eucalyptus, Ravensara and Peppermint essential oils.

The benefits from the Aroma Diffuser Essential Oil blends are:-

  • Eucalyptus has long been associated with spirituality and sinus relief, and this fragrance oil is a unique formula, created to provide a fresh, long lasting scent that carries a pure, unblemished aroma when used with oil burners and diffusers. 
  • Breath Easy essential oils are a powerful treatment against respiratory problems.
  • Ravensara has the strength to combat the stuffiest of noses, helping to relieve congestion and irritated sinuses.
  • Used in a variety of ways, the oil excreted from the leaves of Peppermint appears to have multiple benefits. It helps to stimulate the immune system, alleviates upset stomachs, kills germs, stops itching, helps the body eliminate mucus from the body and aids a healthy respiratory system.


Happiness Essential Oil Blend 10ml 

A feeling of wellness and revitalisation is enough to brighten anyone’s day, and this unique blend of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit essential oils is just the ticket. 

The benefits of adding a blend of positivity and a little Happiness into your life are:-

  • The aroma of Essential Oils helps to boost your mood by helping to clear negative perspectives and increase brain activity.
  •  The aroma facilitates a positive environment and help increase energy levels
  •  The relaxing ambience reduces stress by assisting the mobilisation of the mind and reducing negative, psychological states.

Relaxing Essential Oil Blend 10ml 

– Blend of Lavender and Mandarin essential oils. Relaxing Essential oil blend benefits are:

As old as ancient Chinese philosophies, Lavender is renowned for its versatility and, in particular, its healing properties. Derived from the plant Lavandula Angustifolia, its oil has been used for centuries.

One of the most popular essential oils used for aromatherapy, it is commonly known as a treatment for a variety of ailments.

Lavender oil, with its distinct, floral aroma, has been known to promote relaxation and aid sleep quality. It can treat anything from anxieties, allergies, eczema, depression and asthma.  

Mandarin Essential Oil is a bit of an impressive all-rounder. Its soothing, gentle aroma is believed to be the sweetest of all Essential Oils.

Rich in anti-oxidants, it promotes cellular growth and has a history of neutralisng free radicals. Emotionally uplifting, Mandarin Essential Oil is favoured for its anti-ageing qualities and its detoxifying effects. It’s gentle on damaged skin, great for acne, and helps to purify blood.


This Aromatherapy set is a Perfect Beginning.


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