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Brass Tibetan Healing Bracelet

Known as Pital in Hindu, Brass is an ancient alloy generally consisting of 66% Copper and 34% Zinc. Indian legend claims that the wearer of the Brass Tibetan Healing Bracelet amplifies its energy by keeping mind and body in a perpetual state of stability. 

The origins of the Brass Tibetan Healing Bracelet:

Well-known for its copper and zinc resources, Tibet is a mineral-rich region where Brass has been a symbol of love and protection for centuries.

Between 700-900 A.D., rising from the foothills of the highest region in the world, in the shadows of Mount Everest, ruled the Tibetan Empire. For two centuries, this powerful and highly influential empire ruled over its people before the region that lies between India and China became bitterly divided.

Unsettled as it may be, the spiritual belief in Tibetan copper remains.

For centuries Tibetan Copper Bracelets have been worn to keep away all enemies, threatening medical conditions, and bad luck.

Later in medieval times, alloys were developed and made into items used for cooking, eating and drinking.

How does the Brass Tibetan Healing Bracelet work?

When worn, the skin absorbs a negligible amount of Brass that enters into the bloodstream. The antioxidant properties of Brass trigger a response from the enzymes that helps boost the production of haemoglobin in red blood cells.

Brass is a conductor of electrical impulses that stimulates the flow of energy and amplifies it, enhancing the ability to receive prosperity, good health and stability.

Brass jugs used as water purifiers, kill harmful bacteria and remove impurities in water very quickly.

Brass is known as an alloy of peace as it eliminates negative influences.

What are the Benefits of the Brass Tibetan Healing Bracelet?

Pain Relief – the anti-inflammatory properties of copper relieves pain associated with arthritis.

Amplifies Energies – the bracelet boosts energy, combats lethargy, restlessness and non-acceptance of oneself, thereby aiding a sense of independence, optimism and diplomacy.

Calms Emotions – ideal for those who experience episodes of aggression, anxiety and anger. The energy-enhancing qualities of the bracelet provide the ability to express oneself calmly, regardless of the situation, and helps to provide clarity, acceptance and understanding of genuine emotions.

Improves Skin Condition – possessing antioxidant properties, the Tibetan Brass Bracelet prevents free radicals from raising toxicity levels within the body, helping you to look great and feel revitalised.

Reduces Inflammation – brings the body back to alignment, reduces inflammations, soothes arthritis and quells headaches.

Mental Health – we live in a modern world where the pressures of everyday life weigh heavily on our mental state. Whether mental, physical or emotional, the bracelet can help to reverse the effect that unhealthy stress puts on our bodily functions.

The elements of the bracelet provide deep relaxation and increase mental clarity.

Improves Digestion – the properties of zinc help the metabolic system and enhance taste and smell.

Immunity – only a small amount of zinc is needed to reap the benefits. This mineral promotes growth and increases the strength of the immune system. 

Aesthetically Pleasing – with a colour similar to that of Gold, it is one of the most popular materials used as an accessory. 

Circulation – Molecules of Copper and Zinc and improves blood flow.

Durable – its non-ferrous material means that it is unsusceptible to corrosion through oxidisation

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS: Hand-crafted in Nepal, this genuine article is slim and decorated in a beautiful leaf design.

Product included with an information card. As the bracelet is a metal, it can be gently bent to fit any wrist – also used effectively as a unisex accessory.



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