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This gemstone bracelet featuring buddha, uses the healing properties of black agate stone to bring the wearer strength, calming and clarity. ┬áThis gemstone bracelet uses the healing properties of black agate to provide the wearer with courage, confidence and success. Black agate is known to attract good fortune into one’s life, and eliminate bad luck. Agate is the perfect stone for a competitor as it brings courage and success. Don’t worry about bracelets fitting as they stretch – one size fits all.

x3 in a pack.. Will you be stacking or sharing?

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The Black Stone Necklace

The energy of the Black Agate Necklace is so stabilising and grounding that one can feel so secure in the actions they take.

Emotionally, the wearer of Black Agate can open one’s consciousness to gain an insight into the thoughts and feelings that can often lead to negativity.

The Black Agate Necklace: a good fortune gemstone.

Black Agate is one of the earliest gemstones used for healing and good luck and historically placed in water for cooking or drinking to dispel sickness.

Given the name by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, who first discovered the stone in the Drillo River, Sicily, circa 3rd-4th Century, the Greeks used the stone to make jewellery.

Many people fear failure and often hold themselves back from reaching their full potential.

The Black Agate Necklace can help gain the confidence needed to feel secure in the actions one takes, to enable a positive mindset; to endure and to accomplish.

And The Black Agate Necklace is not the only semi-precious stone:

Although we speak of gemstones as being of ancient origin, the most significant finds are within the last 150 years.

For instance, rare Tanzanite remained undiscovered until 1967. Even Myanmar Rubies, from the high-quality mines of Mogok, weren’t discovered until the 1990s, as were the once considered mythical neon-blue stones, tourmaline, of Paraiba, Brazil and pink Sapphires from Madagaskar (1998.).

We have a variety of gemstone necklaces to choose from with a variety of health and spiritual benefits:

Gemstones assist in the creation of a peaceful lifestyle, surrounding the body with positivity and healing energies to help prevent misfortunes.

Endowed with healing properties, they generate positive vibes that heal from the inside.

Overcome fears and achieve your goals with the power of Gemstones as they provide the clarity and boost needed to kick-start your life and reach your goals with confidence and vitality.

The soothing energies alleviate anxieties and restlessness, helping with concentration and sleep deprivation.

Complete with the classic Buddha charm, the necklace is perfect for competitive success. It boosts confidence, brings courage, and offers protection.






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