Good Luck Feng-Shui Bracelets – Black


The Black Agate Bracelet

The energy of the Black Agate Bracelet is so stabilising and grounding that one can feel almost secure in the actions they take.

Emotionally, the wearer of Black Agate can open one’s consciousness to gain an insight into the thoughts and feelings that can often lead to negativity.

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Restore balance and harness positive energies with the Black Feng Shui Good Luck bracelet.

The black Feng Shui Good Luck bracelet: a talisman worn by powerful Chinese Emperors.

Used for centuries, the Black Feng Shui Good Luck bracelet was first used to restore balance and bring harmony to the forefront of one’s life.

These were an ancient talisman worn by Chinese Emperors to purify energy by changing the characteristics of negative energy.

The Origins of Qi and the Black Feng Shui Good Luck Bracelet

Qi (“chee”) plays an indispensable role in Feng Shui. It is a transferable life force and expressed in many forms. Consisting of positive and negative energies, Qi reveals itself in yin and yang characteristics. 

Heavily relying on astronomy, the origins of Feng Shui date back to ancient Neolithic cultures in the Far East, along the Yellow River and the Liao River basin, as early as 4000 B.C.

How it works:

Feng Shui notes that when things start to happen in life, a balance needs addressing. If good fortune is evading you, your energies may need to be aligned. 

Everyone has a light and dark side, and balance is attained when the two hemispheres (yin and yang) are in good harmony.

The bracelet is a potent energy regulator with a currency that emits a positive fluid called ‘reasoning’, helping to reject negativity and supporting a natural capacity for positive energy to manifest itself as love, wealth and health.

Who wears the Feng Shui Good Luck bracelet?

The good luck talisman should be worn by anyone looking to attract prosperity and deflect the negativity of evil and jealousy. 

The bracelet is for anyone looking to restore vibrant energies to correct cosmic frequencies for safety at home or in an entire space.

Energies exist inside our bodies, as well as outside, and so the bracelet can be worn to help deflect negative health issues.

Also, business people and entrepreneurs looking for wealth and success wear the bracelet to bring good fortunes. 

How the bracelet should be worn?

The bracelet should be worn on the ‘receptive’ hand (left hand for most people).

The receptive hand is the non-dominant hand and therefore absorbs Qi, rather than deflecting the natural energy. By wearing the bracelet on a non-dominant hand, the good fortune is invited in, thus reaping its benefits.

These popular bracelets are handmade with beads and a Chinese coin of fortune, carefully tied together with black rope. They are the perfect piece of jewellery to help resore harmony at these uncertain times



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