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Turquoise is known as one of the oldest protection stones, and was used as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. As the stone of truth, Turquoise reminds you to take some time to be honest with yourself.Tigers Eye is known to give the wearer confidence, courage and strength of will. Tigers Eye is a powerful stone that increases creativity, self-confidence and courage. Howlite is spiritually referred to as the stone of awareness. It is known for its calming energies and ability to relieve tension, stress and anxiety. Don’t worry about bracelets fitting as they stretch – one size fits all.¬† Will you be stacking or sharing? x3 in a pack..

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The Royal Beads Gemstone Bracelet

The Royal Beads Gemstone Bracelet is a real treasure, packed with prized stones.

What does the Royal Beads Gemstone Bracelet bring?

The Royal Beads Gemstone Bracelet should perhaps be renamed the ‘protection’ bracelet as it contains gemstones revered for providing significant protection.

Turquoise:- Including the Cross charm, Turquoise is a big part of this luxury piece.

Meaning ‘Turkey’, Turquoise is a blue/green mineral that is rare and valuable in fine grades. Its unique hue has given it particular attention over the years, ever since arriving from Iran and passing through Turkey to Europe.

One of the first semi-precious stones to be mined, it was also a favourite of ancient Egypt – as far back as the 1st Dynasty.

Used as a symbol of wealth, Turquoise was found in ancient Egyptian burial chambers, circa 4000 B.C., and they renamed it to mean “joy” and “Delight”.

It was so popular amongst the Egyptians that it was the first gemstone to be imitated. They used it in necklaces, scarab beetle designs, and even on the Tutankhamun burial mask.

Its intense colour made it a symbol of heaven and earth and later worn as a talisman of protection, especially around the neck and waist.

It was once said that the changing of its colour was a sign of bad luck. However, today, we know Turquoise to be a fragile stone that changes colour when it comes into contact with other chemicals.

Its energy provides mental relaxation and clarity of thought, as well as luck, success, and creativity.

Tiger Eye Stone:- However, the Tiger Eye Stone is a powerful gemstone used for courage and protection.

Roman Legionnaires would wear the Tiger Eye stone as a talisman to protect them during battle. The Romans believed that the stone protected against bad and negative energies whilst providing an uplifting sense of worth and confidence.

It’s a complementary stone with equal amounts or feminine and masculine energy.

A natural healer, it is known to aid the healing of broken bones.

The Tiger Eye Stone balances the brain and provides perspective by clearing the mind of negative thoughts to enable clear patterns of thinking. Ideal for these unsettling times, providing stability during times of uncertainty and change.

Howlite: – naturally a white and light grey colour, Howlite is a calming crystal refereed to as the stone of ‘awareness’.

Its calming energy helps with non-violent communication, relaxation and sleep.

Howlite is named after Henry How, a Canadian Geologist who discovered the gemstone in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1868.

However, since its discovery, it is said to be a stone of focus, as it brings clarity and perception when emotions and thought-patterns are clouded.

Great with anxiety, Howlite can help calm nerves and boost confidence.

This aesthetically pleasing bracelet makes an ideal gift for loved ones in these times of change and insecurity.

This is a unisex, one-size-fits-all product.

( 3 bracelets per pack)






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